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Person Of The Week
This week, Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) Leader Tommy Sheridan is person of the week.

Tommy Sheridan MSP
Since their inception less than three years ago, support for the SSP has grown hugely. They now have a candidate in every constituency and it is estimated that support for their policies stands at around 5%. That's one in twenty Scottish people support their socialist stance.

The SSP are active both politically and physically, staging protests for many causes including anti-war demos, anti-nuclear weaponry and anti-capitalism. Tommy Sheridan is different from any other politician in Scotland in that he actually fights for what he believes in. In the late eighties and early nineties, he led the fight against poll tax in Scotland and became President of the Anti-Poll Tax Federation. In October '91, Tommy, along with 300 others, prevented the sale of a single parent's goods in Glasgow and was jailed for six months for breaking a court order banning him from the sale. Tommy's sentence was carried out in Saughton Prison, Edinburgh.
Tommy became National Convenor of the SSP upon its setting up in 1999 and was the first socialist MSP to stand in the Scottish Parliament for the region of Glasgow.


Please visit the SSP website and show them your support.

Scottish Socialist Party