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What's Wrong With The World?

Hell, what's right with the world? As we nervously teeter on the brink of WW3, America'$ solution to terrorism is to wage a war on terrorism. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but is war not the greatest act of terrorism possible? They claim no civilians will be injured in their air strikes on Afghanistan, but for how long? It's surely only a matter of time until an innocent citizen, who has already suffered under the Taliban regime, is killed by US retaliation. Perhaps it's already happened, would we be allowed to know about it? I doubt it. Because as soon as we start to see the human cost of war, as soon as the first body bags start coming home, you can be damn sure all those war-mongers who were crying out for the States to "nuke them now", will begin to realise exactly why war solves nothing.
So what does America do to raise moral? Sings "God Bless America" at every possible occassion. I'm sorry, but God isn't going to bless any nation who supports murder and violence. That includes both Afghanistan and the States.
How dare America declare "a war on terrorism"? How dare they suggest their reasons for murder are valid whilst the Taliban's aren't? How dare anyone take another human being's life?